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joe’s best of show

Gourmet Mix

For Well-Behaved Humans

“Heaven in a Brown Paper Bag”

And now entering…”Joe’s Best of Show” Gourmet Mix. The best of the best in tasty treats for humans. Enjoy a Chex squares nibble, add some pretzels, plus a crunchy snack wafer, with some luscious, still juicy dried cranberries. Don’t forget the yummy elegant cashews and toss in enough bits of dark chocolate to satisfy. With just enough salt from the pretzels to carry the flavor and, then, the piece de resistance, the praline pecan. A sugary comfort in one bite. Perfect with the crunchy, slightly salty burst of Chex bits, cranberries, cashews, and chocolate.

Joe’s Best of Show Gourmet Mix offers a delightful burst of flavors for snack lovers of all kinds. Made with care and quality, each bag promises a heavenly experience. Whether it’s for a party, a gift, or a solo snack, Joe’s got you covered.

From Camano Island, WA

Meet Joe

Hey there, I’m Joe, your go-to guide for all things Camano Island, Washington. From nature walks to beachcombing, I’m the dog who knows this scenic island like the back of my paw. Between the salt air and the endless trails, my tail is always wagging here.

I’m not just about outdoor adventures, though. I’m a gourmet snack enthusiast with my own specialty blend, and I’ve got a soft spot for squeaky toys. So, whether you’re keen on exploring Camano Island’s natural beauty or you’re in the mood for some top-notch snacking, I’m your guy. And remember, as I always say, ‘Life’s a beach, and then you snack!’ 

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