Leadership, Skill, and Integrity

The Portfolio of Ben Beeles.

Hi, I’m Ben Beeles. I’m known for my initiative and adaptability, thriving both in team settings and when working independently. My professional approach is rooted in providing exceptional service and continuously seeking knowledge. With a solid background in compliance and hands-on roles, I’ve honed my ability to solve problems creatively and forge strong partnerships.

Striving to surpass expectations, I aim to make meaningful contributions to the success of my team, share valuable insights, encourage collaboration, and navigate complex challenges with innovative solutions.

I’m currently on the lookout for a remote position that values transparency, innovation, and a high standard of professionalism. As an experienced and reliable leader with a versatile skill set, I am dedicated to delivering outstanding results, marked by efficiency and integrity.

20+ Years of Process Improvement

Throughout my career, I’ve been steadfast in my pursuit of process enhancement. Whether it’s as straightforward as developing a maintenance schedule for greasing bearings or as comprehensive as creating a database for resource management, I am dedicated to refining and streamlining procedures.

During my tenure with the federal government, I lead teams conducting maintenance on over 230 fish screens. Here, I inherited a woefully underutilized work order system. Over time, I revamped these work orders into a robust system, meticulously detailing supplies, tools, measurements, procedures, photos, and maintenance history. This overhaul drastically reduced wasted trips and costs, facilitated better preparedness for subsequent tasks, and provided a comprehensive maintenance record.

Working for the state of Oregon, I continued process improvement work as a Pesticide Investigator. In addition to fieldwork involving sampling, interviews, and conflict resolution, I also developed more efficient methods for task execution and report writing. I rewrote the manual on how to perform the job and I trained new staff. I updated old publications, and educational material, and developed new resources for the public. Lastly, I engineered a centralized database to catalog program materials, forms, templates, and historical documents. All of these methods and resources were shared with, and supported by, the team to create benefits for the entire program.

Even in the early stages of my career with a local parks department, I demonstrated a commitment to improving workflows. From optimizing mowing routes to implementing better tools and developing faster trash collection methods, I consistently sought opportunities to increase productivity and efficiency.

10+ Years of Maintenance Experience

I know what it’s like to be the person up to their elbows in grease and mud doing the work. I have extensive experience maintaining large equipment, fish screens, dams, and parks. Doing this work taught me valuable safety lessons, problem-solving, working with a team, and creative thinking.

8 Years of Regulatory, Enforcement, and Investigatory Experience

When I first entered the regulatory field, I knew nothing of the code, statute, rule, or policies I was to enforce. However, I am dedicated to understanding my role, unafraid to seek clarity through questions, and adept at learning quickly.

In my time with ODA, I conducted over 600 investigations and regularly maintained the highest caseload in the program. This experience gave me a deep understanding of the regulatory requirements, interpretation of legal language, and nuances given that each investigation carried the potential for enforcement action by either state or federal authorities.

I am confident in my interpretation of state law, rules, and federal code. Moreover, I understand the processes and procedures within the regulated world, whether it’s how to submit a registration or apply for a license, how to conduct interviews, or simply how to ask a question to get a response. I believe my skill set enables me to excel in various regulatory roles. Additionally, I have held federal credentials to conduct inspections on behalf of the EPA.

Customer Service

Customer service has always been important to me. I feel that it is my responsibility to provide the utmost level of customer service not only for my integrity but to reflect well on the organization and its mission. Even when the outcome for a customer may not be in their favor, I aim to ensure the customer feels heard, understood, and respected. 

Quick to Adapt

As a quick learner, I enjoy research, discussion, and reviewing process history to have a fuller understanding of systems. I strive to listen to understand, use the resources available to me, and seek out information to make reliable decisions and become a better employee.


  • Adaptability
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Customer service
  • Interpretation (law, policy,
    maps, lab results, technical specs)
  • Interviews
  • Inventory
  • Investigation
  • Label review
  • Maintenance & repair
  • Mediation
  • Plain language
  • Policy review
  • Prevention education
  • Problem solving
  • Process improvement
  • Recordkeeping
  • Reporting
  • Resource development
  • Safety planning
  • Sales & inventory management
  • Sampling
  • Strategic planning
  • System development
  • Training
  • Translation of technical material

Experience & Education

Pesticide Investigator
Oregon Department of Agriculture
Feb 2016 – Jan 2024
Salem, Oregon

• Conduct complex investigations into alleged pesticide misuse around the state.
• Conduct interviews, including state, county, and city representatives as well as the public.
• Collect evidence and physical samples for analysis to support cases.
• Interpret laboratory reports and write detailed reports of incidents that meet legal standards.
• Conduct routine audits to ensure compliance with federal law and the laws of the State of Oregon.
• Educate licensed pesticide applicators and dealers regarding their responsibilities according to the law.
• Collect records from licensed pesticide applicators, verify that marketplace products are legal for sale, and observe applications for compliance with ORS 634.
• Perform mathematical computations to determine if correct pesticide application rates were used.
• Inform clients of review outcome and potential enforcement actions.
• Independently handle my workload and prioritize activities to meet agency goals and objectives.
• Serve as primary contact for high-profile investigations and for training new employees.
• Thorough understanding of State of Oregon statutes and rules pertaining to the Department of Agriculture.
• Collect residue samples following strict standard operating procedures (SOPs).
• Regularly review and update the program’s policies and SOPs.
• Use a computer-based tracking system (FileMaker Pro) to log and report all reviews and investigations.
• Maintain program inventory of products and supplies needed for investigations.

Accomplishments: Successfully completed the State of Oregon’s Emerging Manager Program (2021); completed 600+ investigations; created new brochures/literature for the public; updated old materials; created new forms for the public; created process flow charts; updated the Investigator Notebook (job manual); and revamped and maintained an internal resource database.

Utility Man
Bureau of Reclamation 
Mar 2008 – Feb 2016
Yakima, Washington

• Ensured safe fish passage through canal screen sites and fish ladders using operating procedures that are designed to protect Endangered Species Act (ESA) listed species and species that are vitally important to tribal fisheries. Work sites include 89 locations and approximately 125 rolling drum and flat screens across the entire Yakima Valley region.
• Found solutions for major projects such as screen replacement and repair, fish ladder rebuilds, trash rake upgrades, and project-wide safety upgrades through research, contacting vendors and professionals, and working with partners.
• Worked collaboratively with state, federal, and tribal agencies as well as Bureau team members, hydrologists, and biologists.
• Lead crews for annual maintenance projects including acquiring materials, equipment, and directing personnel. Trained new employees in site operation, procedures, and safety.
• Stressed safety on the job by leading pre-job toolbox safety meetings and participating in weekly safety meetings.
• Read and interpreted technical “as built” drawings and standard operating procedures to correctly operate equipment.
• Performed periodical preventative maintenance inspections of various facilities, structures, and equipment.

Accomplishments: Revamped work order system to develop detailed plans and solutions for overdue projects; created maintenance records with photos, measurements, and documentation.

Facility Maintenance Supervisor 
Sep 2006 – Jun 2010
Ellensburg, Washington

• Oversaw building maintenance, classroom repairs, carpentry, building projects, tile work, signage, painting, and janitorial work.
• Developed an electronic work order system.
• Established a daily tracking system to anticipate inventory needs, place orders, and organize supplies.

Maintenance Specialist
Washington State Department of Natural Resources
Jan 2006 – Feb 2008
Ellensburg, Washington

• Independently maintained seven campgrounds.
• Planned jobs for remote site locations to ensure completion in a timely manner.
• Completed grounds care, building repair, fence building and repair, bridge building, plumbing, woodworking, tree removal, pressure washing, and rock placement.
• Drove trucks, quads, and dirt bikes to inspect and repair trails.
• Led volunteers on trail projects and cleanups.

Central Washington University
Bachelor of Science
Parks, Recreation and Leisure Studies

Associate of Arts
Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society
Men’s Basketball Team (2000-2001 NWACC Champions)

"I worked with Ben for years and he's one of the most professional and hard working people I know. At the same time he's also incredibly friendly and welcoming. He's eager to work with others, to help, and to share knowledge. He's also been an asset to the agency softball team not only as a player but to get the team organized and enthused! I'm glad that our paths continue to cross professionally."

Chris Hedstrom, Research and Development Scientist, Pacific Biocontrol
(Prior colleague at Oregon Department of Agriculture)


(253) 335-0384